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Getting Started with SAGE Knowledge

We've gathered a selection of helpful resources for librarians and library account managers of SAGE Knowledge subscribing institutions.

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New COUNTER 4 Reports

We now offer the following COUNTER 4 reports:

  • Book Report 2 (BR2): Successful Section Requests by Month and Title
  • Book Report 3 (BR3): Access Denied to Content Items by Month, Title and Category
  • Platform Report 1 (PR1): Total searches, result clicks, and record views, by month and platform (Across SAGE Knowledge)

For more information about this change, please review the COUNTER 4 Reports FAQs on the Help page.


Open URL Support

We are pleased to announce that SAGE Knowledge now supports enhanced usability with Open URL links within cited references. Where your library has print or digital access to a given publication, users will be able to link through directly from the citation in SAGE Knowledge. These links can be branded with your library or institutional logo, to help catch the eye of your users. In order for your campus to take advantage of this feature, please follow the instructions below.


The out-bound Open URL links within cited references in SAGE Knowledge must know where to find the link resolver for your library. Please login to your account via the Account Management System (AMS) interface, Select the “Details” tab and then click the green “Edit Account Details” button in the upper right. Scroll to the “Open URL information” section and enter the URL of your link resolver database (or knowledgebase) into the “Resolver” field. Here, you can also upload your library or institutional logo, to brand your links within cited references in SAGE Knowledge.


OpenURL is a standardized format of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that enables institutional user to more easily find a local copy of a resource to which they have access. By enriching the cited references in SAGE Knowledge with Open URL support, we aim to help improve the user and discovery experience for our readers and customers. The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) developed OpenURL and its data container (the ContextObject) as American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard Z39.88. On 22 June 2006, the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) was named the maintenance agency for the standard.


>> Log In to Manage Your Account

The Account Management System (AMS) can be accessed at . Usage reports are available, which provide COUNTER-compliant data in accordance with the latest COUNTER Code of Practice, and include the following:

• Subscription-sensitive reports for SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Referencereports will only reflect titles to which a subscription exists;

• Book Report 2 (request by title) data for SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Reference;

• Book Report 6 (searches and sessions) at the platform-level for SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Reference, per COUNTER specs.

To view data prior to August 2012 (when SAGE Reference content migrated to the SAGE Knowledge platform) you must run SAGE Reference reports.


Librarian Control features:

• Turn on Limited Access – to show or hide locked/unlocked content.

• Turn on/off Related Content Menus – for SAGE Research Methods and SAGE Journals.

By default, all titles on the platform will display in Search and Browse results, whether they have been purchased or not. If you prefer your patrons to only view purchased content, you will need to follow these instructions:

• Go to the Account Management System
• Enter account administrator username and password and log in
• Click on the “Details” tab
• Click on "Edit Account Details"
• In the “Additional properties” section, change “Limited Access” to “True”

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>> MARC Records 

MARC-21 compliant records for SAGE Knowledge can be downloaded directly via the links below. For your convenience, we provide two options for SAGE MARC records. Upon selection of an option, the system will prompt you to save records to a local system or network.

This link will output MARC records for all titles on SAGE KnowledgeDownload MARC Records - All SAGE Knowledge titles  

This link will prepare a customized batch of MARC records that match your holdings: Download MARC Records -Subscription-sensitive

* Learn more about SAGE's MARC records policy.

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>> Discoverability Checklist

Download the SAGE Knowledge Discoverability Checklist which outlines suggested steps and additional information for improving discoverability and ensure users can easily locate the material they need from the content hosted on SAGE Knowledge.

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>> SAGE Knowledge Search Widgets   New!

This widget searches SAGE Knowledge (subscription required).

This widget searches SAGE Reference content in SAGE Knowledge (subscription required).

This widget searches SAGE Navigator (subscription required).


 >> Subject-Specific Search Widgets   New! 

Click on the 'Get Widget' link on any of the widgets below to obtain the proper embed code.

SAGE Knowledge CQ Press Widget

SAGE Knowledge Business and Management Widget

SAGE Knowledge Health and Social Care Widget

SAGE Knowledge Education Widget

SAGE Knowledge Counseling Widget

SAGE Knowledge Communication Widget

SAGE Knowledge Sociology Widget



>> Banners and Logos

The following SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Navigator banners are available to download:

SAGE Knowledge banner


New!   Download banner ads for your library site:

SK_250x110.gif          SK_199x65.gif

Simply right-click on the images above and save to your computer.

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>> Troubleshooting Guides

New!   Download "How-to" troubleshooting/tips guides: 


If you find something not functioning properly as detailed above or issues with the content of the site please let us know, and also share your thoughts on what you think of the platform. We highly value your feedback!

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