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  1. Encyclopedia of Counseling

    Encyclopedia of Counseling

    Frederick T. L. Leong

    SAGE Publications, Inc. (2008)

    CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title for 2009. 2008 Best Reference, Library Journal. Professional counseling involves helping clients, individually or in groups, or as couples and families, deal with various career, vocational, educational, and emotional problems. Whether performed by ps...


  2. Cross-Cultural Psychology

    Cross-Cultural Psychology

    Peter B. Smith & Deborah L. Best

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2009)

    This four volume set spans all areas of cross-cultural psychology, with particular emphasis on those areas in which the acclaimed editors, Peter Smith and Deborah Best, consider to have experienced the most recent progress, namely developmental psychology, personality, and...


  3. Handbook of Services Marketing & Management

    Handbook of Services Marketing & Management

    Teresa A. Swartz & Dawn Iacobucci

    SAGE Publications, Inc. (2000)

    The Handbook is organized in six major sections: The service setting, demand management, service excellence and profitability, service recovery, service relationships, and firm-wide service issues. A unique structural feature of the Handbook is the inclusion of both in-depth chapters ...


  4. Outsourcing Information Systems

    Outsourcing Information Systems

    Leslie P. Willcocks & Mary C. Lacity

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2009)

    Domestic and global outsourcing is prescribed for everything from back office services like information technology development, human resource transactions, and indirect procurement to core services such as innovation, research and...


  5. Leisure Studies

    Leisure Studies

    Chris Rojek

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2010)

    Leisure Studies brings together the seminal and seminal-to-be papers in a young and animated field of inquiry, which is nevertheless deeply rooted in the established fields of sociology, history, ...


  6. Work: Contexts and Consequences

    Work: Contexts and Consequences

    Cary L. Cooper & William H. Starbuck

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2005)

    Work has been changing. One reason it has been changing is that the contexts of work have been changing. Macroeconomic and societal conditions place limitations and expectations on what work should do; technologies alter what is po...


  7. Organizational Health and Wellbeing

    Organizational Health and Wellbeing

    Cary L. Cooper

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2011)

    The field of work and well-being is growing at a phenomenal rate, as obesity, mental health, heart disease, and alcohol consumption become increasingly important for organizations in the public and private sector. ...


  8. Critical Marketing Studies

    Critical Marketing Studies

    Mark Tadajewski & Pauline Maclaran

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2009)

    This major reference collection, Critical Marketing Studies, directs its attention to highlighting how marketing as academic discipline and practical endeavour have developed and continue to change. As a practical exercise, ...


  9. Health Psychology

    Health Psychology

    John Weinman, Marie Johnston & Gerry Molloy

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2007)

    This collection provides a comprehensive and up-to-date synthesis of classic and key publications in the field of Health Psychology. The classic papers are those which have proved to be ground breaking, and have remained highly influential in the discipline long since they were publis...


  10. Industrial Relations

    Industrial Relations

    Marian Baird, Rae Cooper, Bradon Ellem & Russell D. Lansbury

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2011)

    This major work offers a broad insight into the field of industrial relations, taking into account the economic, political, and social influences and the relative power of capital and labor that shape relations between people at ...


  11. Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology - Volume 2: Organizational Psychology

    Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology - Volume 2: Organizational Psychology

    Neil Anderson, Deniz S. Ones, Handan Kepir Sinangil & Chockalingam Viswesvaran

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2001)

    Work in the 21st century requires new understanding in organizational behaviour; how individuals interact together to get work done. This volume brings together research on essential topics such as motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, compensation, organizational justice, communi...


  12. Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior

    Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior

    Cary L. Cooper

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2002)

    Fundamentals in Organizational Behavior brings together the most influential and field-defining articles in organizational behaviour. The volumes are a collection of the published works from leading ...


  13. The Handbook of Mentoring at Work: Theory, Research, and Practice

    The Handbook of Mentoring at Work: Theory, Research, and Practice

    Belle Rose Ragins & Kathy E. Kram

    SAGE Publications, Inc. (2008)

    The Handbook of Mentoring at Work: Theory, Research, and Practice brings together the leading scholars in the field in order to craft the definitive reference book on workplace mentoring. This state-of-the-art guide connects existing knowledge to cutting-edge theory, research directi...


  14. Handbook of Work Stress

    Handbook of Work Stress

    Julian Barling, E. Kevin Kelloway & Michael R. Frone

    SAGE Publications, Inc. (2005)

    Questions about the causes or sources of work stress have been the subject of considerable research, as well as public fascination, for several decades. Earlier interest in this issue focused on the question of whether some jobs are simply more inherently stressful than others. Other ...


  15. Handbook of Entrepreneurial Dynamics: The Process of Business Creation

    Handbook of Entrepreneurial Dynamics: The Process of Business Creation

    William B. Gartner, Kelly G. Shaver, Nancy M. Carter & Paul D. Reynolds

    SAGE Publications, Inc. (2004)

    The chapters in The Handbook of Entrepreneurial Dynamics provide the rationale for questionnaires used in the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics (PSED). The PSED is a research program that was initiated to provide systematic, reliable, and generalizable data on important features...


  16. Nonprofit Marketing

    Nonprofit Marketing

    Elizabeth Parsons, Pauline Maclaran & Mark Tadajewski

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2008)

    As early as the sixties, academics began to question the borders and boundaries of marketing. A new wave of thinking born from social influences entreated them to liberate the marketing concept from the confines of the commercial p...


  17. Organizational Networks

    Organizational Networks

    Martin Kilduff & Andrew V. Shipilov

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2011)

    Drawing on the wealth of insights into organizational life accumulated over the past few decades, this collection takes stock of the foundations of research in this area, examines the status of the current work and identifies futur...


  18. Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Robert A. Blackburn & Candida G. Brush

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2008)

    This exciting new major work will provide a compendium of alternative perspectives on research into small business and entrepreneurship. Edited by two world-class experts, the selection reflects the principles of ...


  19. Psychology of Emotions

    Psychology of Emotions

    Antony S.R. Manstead

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2008)

    “This book represents a significant step forward in the theory of management and leadership development. It offers an international perspective in this era of globalization and a new and questioning perspective on the common belief that leadership is something completely d...


  20. Psychology of Close Relationships

    Psychology of Close Relationships

    Harry T. Reis

    SAGE Publications Ltd (2012)

    Close relationships provide a fundamental context for human behavior and development and as such the study of close relationships has in recent years become a major theme in social psychology. This field produces rich and diverse ...


Showing 1-20 of 4159 items

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