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Creative Management and Development


Creative Management and Development, Third Edition

Jane Henry

Pub. date: 2006 | Online Pub. Date: May 31, 2012 | DOI: | Print ISBN: 9781412922487 | Online ISBN: 9781446213704 | Publisher:SAGE Publications Ltd

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Chapter 3: Flourishing in Teams: Developing Creativity and Innovation

Michael A. West & Claudia A. Sacramento

Flourishing in teams: Developing creativity and innovation Team working offers a powerful and ubiquitous strategy for managing organizational change, and team innovation is often the manifestation of teams' efforts to cope successfully with the changes in their work environments. Developing team innovation will enhance an organization's ability to redirect and focus resources effectively appropriately and more quickly than its competitors, because it enables all members of the organization to respond to the demands for change, and to make appropriate changes at a local level. In order to manage and implement change we therefore need to understand how to develop innovative teams. In this chapter, we review relevant research and present twelve principles that theorists and practitioners can use as guides for understanding and promoting innovation in teams. Innovation can be defined as ‘… the intentional introduction and application within a job, work team or organization of ideas, processes, products or ...

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