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The SAGE Handbook of Organization Studies


The SAGE Handbook of Organization Studies, Second Edition

Stewart R. Clegg & Cynthia Hardy & Thomas B. Lawrence & Walter R. Nord

Pub. date: 2006 | Online Pub. Date: October 01, 2010 | DOI: | Print ISBN: 9780761949961 | Online ISBN: 9781848608030 | Publisher:SAGE Publications Ltd

About this handbook
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Chapter 22: The New Corporate Environmentalism and Green Politics

John M. Jermier & Linda C. Forbes & Suzanne Benn & Renato J. Orsato

The new corporate environmentalism and green politics In focusing this chapter on the natural environment, we invite organizational studies scholars and other readers to think critically about what many believe is one of the most urgent practical problems of our time - a problem compounded in its gravity by the apparently insurmountable political barriers to any real solutions. Ours, as Brown (2003) aptly put it, is a planet under stress wherein systemic degradation is exceeding the earth's regenerative capacity. Given the severity of many environmental problems and their anthropogenic character, you might expect to find concerned, responsible citizenries engaged in public discussions about these issues. Serious green political movements and other forms of green politics would be expected to emerge from these public activities. The activities might be expected to resemble Habermas' (1989) image of the vibrant public sphere, an arena that joins all interested citizens in educative, rational debate ...

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