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Health Promotion at the Community Level: New Advance


Health Promotion at the Community Level: New Advance, Second Edition

Neil Bracht

Pub. date: 1999 | Online Pub. Date: May 31, 2012 | DOI: | Print ISBN: 9780761913047 | Online ISBN: 9781452204789 | Publisher:SAGE Publications, Inc.

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Chapter 9: Asia and Western Pacific Approaches to Health Promotion: Current Opportunities and Programs

Rhonda Galbally & Bridget H.-H. Hsu-Hage & Chris Borthwick

Asia and western pacific approaches to health promotion: Current opportunities and programs The Asia and Western Pacific region is perhaps the most heterogeneous of any of the world's regions. It includes 29 states that range in size from islands of 260 square kilometers to continents of 7½ million, from thousands of people to more than a billion, from $650 per capita GDP to $23,000, from $3 per capita health expenditure to $1,538, from life expectancies of 50 years to 80. Cultures, political systems, religions, climates, and lifestyles are very different. Approaches to health promotion in this region thus arise from different contexts to serve different needs. 1 Given the extent of these differences between societies in the region, no single approach to health promotion would be feasible. The post-World War II period saw rapid political transformations among many nations in the region. Political systems today range from communist governments to ...

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